June 2008 MMA Life

Faking It

We’ve all seen it while fl ipping past the National Geographic channel at 11pm on a lonely Saturday night. (OK, maybe that’s just me.) It could be footage of two silverback gorillas squaring off, beating their chests, howling like there’s no tomorrow. Or maybe it’s two rams charging towards one another at top speed, looking [...]

MMA Wagering

Some clichés showing up in both conversation and MMA forums are worth repeating: “styles make fi ghts” and “never count out Randy Couture” are two of my favorites. But there are three classics that can cost you money if you let them inappropriately affect your betting habits. YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST FIGHT [...]

Being There: UFC 83

It’s brisk. The breeze funneling through the buildings on either side of the street make it just cool enough to be uncomfortable despite a long sleeve shirt. But this cooler than usual April day is a fi ne fi t for the hockey town of Montreal. “It’s like a slice of Europe dropped in North [...]

“Fights, Camera, Action”

Mixed martial arts has made it. Forget about live attendance, pay-per-view buys or TV ratings. MMA is the focus of two feature fi lms this year: award winning playwright and fi lmmaker David Mamet’s Redbelt and The OC meets Bloodsport teen fi ght fl ick, Never Back Down. Many fans see this as greedy opportunity, [...]

Brave New World

First it was Royce vs. Ken on closed-circuit pay-per-view. Then came Forrest vs. Stephan on basic cable. Now? It’s the UFC vs. everybody else, coming to you live on enough channels to give your TiVo a nervous breakdown. Welcome to a new era of MMA. First, a recap. In 2005, Dana White and Spike TV [...]

MMA Injury Prevention

While strength training is a necessary component of any training regimen to help prevent injury, food and fl uid intake also play an essential role in protecting the body. Choosing the right fuels at the right time will help to minimize injury risk and maximize athletic performance. Nutritional intake in the days preceding a fi [...]

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