June 2008

The Basement Legacy

“It’s gonna be crowded tonight,” a skinny guy in glasses says in an almost indecipherable language known as Bostonian. Eighteen students sprawl around a former basement apartment in various stretching positions, preparing for the intermediate Muay Thai class. A group this small wouldn’t even register in a multi-thousand square foot gym, like the gargantuan one [...]

Enter The Dragon

It’s common for sportswriters to mythologize the men they cover, to exaggerate their accomplishments, their histories, their presence in a room. Athletes, after all, exist to show us, the mere mortals, that the impossible— the hole-in-one, the perfect game, the knockout— can actually happen. But sometimes the man and the myth are, in fact, one [...]

Cocky Bastard Humble Gentleman

Each time the cage door swings shut, it closes on a mix of two distinct personality types – the humble gentleman and the cocky bastard. After a fl amboyant entrance offending at least half of the crowd, removing his sombrero to reveal a fi ve hundred dollar haircut, kissing one of his model girlfriends, and [...]

Being There: UFC 83

It’s brisk. The breeze funneling through the buildings on either side of the street make it just cool enough to be uncomfortable despite a long sleeve shirt. But this cooler than usual April day is a fi ne fi t for the hockey town of Montreal. “It’s like a slice of Europe dropped in North [...]

“Fights, Camera, Action”

Mixed martial arts has made it. Forget about live attendance, pay-per-view buys or TV ratings. MMA is the focus of two feature fi lms this year: award winning playwright and fi lmmaker David Mamet’s Redbelt and The OC meets Bloodsport teen fi ght fl ick, Never Back Down. Many fans see this as greedy opportunity, [...]

Brave New World

First it was Royce vs. Ken on closed-circuit pay-per-view. Then came Forrest vs. Stephan on basic cable. Now? It’s the UFC vs. everybody else, coming to you live on enough channels to give your TiVo a nervous breakdown. Welcome to a new era of MMA. First, a recap. In 2005, Dana White and Spike TV [...]

MMA Injury Prevention

While strength training is a necessary component of any training regimen to help prevent injury, food and fl uid intake also play an essential role in protecting the body. Choosing the right fuels at the right time will help to minimize injury risk and maximize athletic performance. Nutritional intake in the days preceding a fi [...]

Faking It

We’ve all seen it while fl ipping past the National Geographic channel at 11pm on a lonely Saturday night. (OK, maybe that’s just me.) It could be footage of two silverback gorillas squaring off, beating their chests, howling like there’s no tomorrow. Or maybe it’s two rams charging towards one another at top speed, looking [...]

MMA Wagering

Some clichés showing up in both conversation and MMA forums are worth repeating: “styles make fi ghts” and “never count out Randy Couture” are two of my favorites. But there are three classics that can cost you money if you let them inappropriately affect your betting habits. YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST FIGHT [...]

Glazer Weighs In

In the middle of my workout, my phone rings. Now, this happens during the majority of my workouts. But that’s the end of normalcy. The call was an executive from an NFL team – a team that possesses a top ten pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Not some low-level grunt, but a legitimate personnel [...]

5 Minutes With Heath Herring

So, we hear you’re moving? Ya buddy, I’m in the process of getting a house right now. UFC must be paying you too much money. I wish man. How’d you get started in the fight game? Actually, I got started in Amarillo, Texas on a dirt fl oor rodeo arena. Rodeo Arena?? Ya, they were [...]

The Great Kimbo Debate

Quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in mixed martial arts today, EliteXC’s Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson rose to fame as a tough-as-nails underground street fi ghter based primarily on Internet-based video exposure. Even with nearly four years of MMA training and two wins under his belt, the notoriety surrounding Kimbo Slice has some [...]

Brittney Palmer

Hey Brittney, how’s Las Vegas been treatin’ ya lately? Las Vegas is great of course! Are you originally from there? No, I was born in San Diego CA, and I moved to Las Vegas when I was six years old. Do you ever miss your home town? Sometimes, I miss the weather, I love the [...]

Pride Report Card

Over the last three years, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has experienced an influx of former PRIDE fighters. Some have enjoyed success. Others have tasted defeat. FIGHT! Magazine looks at those fighters and where they stand in the UFC. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua – c Many fans deemed Rua the number one light heavyweight in the world. [...]

Down With The Sickness

Since 2000, Disturbed has unleashed hard rock music that touches the human spirit and keeps the adrenaline pumping. On their fourth studio album Indestructible, the Chicago-bred quintet maximizes their patented style. “It’s quite an angry, dark record, but there are defi nitely moments of hope as well,” vocalist David Draiman explains. “It’s meant to make [...]

Jens Pulver

Wherever he goes, he is introduced as the former lightweight MMA champion of the world or— equally fl attering—as the UFC’s fi rst 155-pound lightweight champion. Jens Pulver is grateful for both accolades, but today he is gunning for a new one. He wants to be called the ”World Champion,” without the word “former.” It’s [...]

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