July 2013 Fighting Fit

MMA 101 – Judo Toss for MMA

As the sons of Vale Tudo legend Francisco “Master Indio” Silva, brothers Danillo and Yuri Villefort come from a prestigious fighting pedigree. Born and raised in Brazil, Danillo and Yuri have been training judo and BJJ since they were young boys. Now, both Blackzilians make their living in the cage—Yuri is signed with the UFC, [...]

Fighting Fit – Cardio For Days

Embrace the suffering to take your fitness to a new level. Athletes are always looking for ways to take their fitness to the next level. Many times, one of the key components is teaching your mind and body to embrace the suffering experienced during challenging workouts and training sessions. However, suffering during workouts is not [...]

Better Striking For MMA

Increase your overall punching performance and endurance by utilizing these 3 simple workouts. By Jason Van Veldhuysen You don’t have to look much further than Anderson Silva’s dismantling of Forrest Griffin to see a clear example of what superior striking can do in MMA. But the ability to control entire fights in the striking range, [...]

Summer Survival – How to Beat the Heat

Plan ahead with these three essentials that will fuel your workouts and ensure your survival in the summer heat. • Energy on the go Hectic afternoons can lead to subpar fast food lunches if you haven’t planned ahead. Pack a lunch that doesn’t need to be reheated if you’re going to be on the run, [...]

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