July 2013 Features

Anthony Pettis – The Human Highlight Reel

It requires a ballistics team to track Anthony Pettis while he’s getting his kicks—and now (at long last) he’s aiming for UFC titleholders. The Soka Gakkai International Buddhist Center wouldn’t seem to fit neatly in America’s Dairyland, but then there it is—right where Duke Roufus’s gym should be on the GPS. Across the street is [...]

Power 20 – The Biggest Players in MMA

It’s time for the annual FIGHT! Magazine Power 20, where we rank the top movers, shakers, and moneymakers in the MMA world. These 20 people make real things happen—running organizations, booking fights, closing large deals, opening new markets, increasing the MMA foothold, and putting asses in seats on fight night. When members of the Power [...]

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