July 2013

Editor’s Letter

It was only a few years ago that a spinning wheelkick in MMA was considered the stuff of martial arts fantasy. After all, boxing, muay thai, wrestling and jiu-jitsu had long given the flashier arts a wakeup call on combat effectiveness. Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and a slew of others, slowly but surely brought pinpoint [...]

Anthony Pettis – The Human Highlight Reel

It requires a ballistics team to track Anthony Pettis while he’s getting his kicks—and now (at long last) he’s aiming for UFC titleholders. The Soka Gakkai International Buddhist Center wouldn’t seem to fit neatly in America’s Dairyland, but then there it is—right where Duke Roufus’s gym should be on the GPS. Across the street is [...]

Power 20 – The Biggest Players in MMA

It’s time for the annual FIGHT! Magazine Power 20, where we rank the top movers, shakers, and moneymakers in the MMA world. These 20 people make real things happen—running organizations, booking fights, closing large deals, opening new markets, increasing the MMA foothold, and putting asses in seats on fight night. When members of the Power [...]

Into the African Sands – Wrestling in Chad

FIGHT! Magazine’s nomadic journalist T.R. Foley follows his passion for wrestling to the center of Africa and into the sand pits of Chad. Photography By T.R. Foley On February 12, 2013, the executive board of the International Olympic Committee voted to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Olympic program. However, the executive board allowed for FILA, [...]

Did You Know? – Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA

Toe Jam Head trainer John Hackleman was the man behind Chuck Liddell’s famous painted toenails. He convinced Liddell to paint his nails a decade ago, but he can’t persuade pupils Court McGee or Glover Teixeira to follow suit. Take On Me In his unanimous-decision victory over Abel Trujillo at UFC 160, Khabib Nurmagomedov registered a [...]

They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Good Night Sweet Prince “It’s been a good eight years, I guess. The biggest thing I learned is when Dana White says retire, you should retire.” — Forrest Griffin at the post-UFC 160 press conference Straight Shooter “Never have I thought, ‘I’m going to be sore tomorrow.’ Being injured, that just means another shot of [...]

Health Radar – We’re Not Doctors, We Just Play One On TV

Masked Marauder You can train like “The Natural Born Killer” and look like one too by donning an elevation training mask. While the mask doesn’t simulate the low pressure environment found at altitude, it has been shown to increase endurance by strengthening the diaphragm, and increasing overall lung capacity. In other words, restrict your air [...]

5 Minutes With Brian Stann

Photo by Nick Palmisciano Between fighting and on-camera work for Fuel TV and Fox, how have you been handling your busy schedule? It’s difficult for sure. On top of everything I have going, my third baby will be arriving in October, and I have my fulltime job working for Hire Heroes U.S.A. It’s just nonstop. [...]

New Gear – You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Happiness

1. Flips Headphones Flips are the first headphones that can transform between headphones and amplified speakers with a simple flip. Use Flips as standard headphones, or rotate the ear cups outward to activate the built-in amplifier. Flips are proud supporters of the wrestling and MMA community. $120.00 flipswrestling.com 2. Onnit Chimp Primal Bell This 36-pound [...]

Leticia Cline – Ready For Takeoff

Photos by Paul Thatcher Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe by Maraz You don’t have to look any further than Leticia Cline to figure out July is the hottest month of the year. When the blonde firecracker isn’t heating up the pages of FIGHT!, you can find her rocketing through the air…seriously. What’s on the agenda for [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. MMAWeekly.com takes you deep inside the sport [...]

The 10 Baddest Girls in MMA

After bursting into the Octagon in February, the UFC women’s bantamweight division is showing no signs of cooling off. Anchored by the dominating presence of Ronda Rousey, this year’s fight calendar is packed with top-10 matchups, while a fresh crop of talent is set to emerge on the co-ed The Ultimate Fighter 18. Couple that [...]

Danger Ahead – The UFC Is Covering Its Assets

It’s every sports franchise worst nightmare—dealing with the gut-wrenching news that their All-Star player has been injured and is out for the season. Suddenly, the team’s championship dreams have all but disappeared and their die-hard fans are flooding suicide hotlines for support. The only thing that could make this situation worse is if the savior [...]

MMA 101 – Judo Toss for MMA

As the sons of Vale Tudo legend Francisco “Master Indio” Silva, brothers Danillo and Yuri Villefort come from a prestigious fighting pedigree. Born and raised in Brazil, Danillo and Yuri have been training judo and BJJ since they were young boys. Now, both Blackzilians make their living in the cage—Yuri is signed with the UFC, [...]

Fighting Fit – Cardio For Days

Embrace the suffering to take your fitness to a new level. Athletes are always looking for ways to take their fitness to the next level. Many times, one of the key components is teaching your mind and body to embrace the suffering experienced during challenging workouts and training sessions. However, suffering during workouts is not [...]

Better Striking For MMA

Increase your overall punching performance and endurance by utilizing these 3 simple workouts. By Jason Van Veldhuysen You don’t have to look much further than Anderson Silva’s dismantling of Forrest Griffin to see a clear example of what superior striking can do in MMA. But the ability to control entire fights in the striking range, [...]

Summer Survival – How to Beat the Heat

Plan ahead with these three essentials that will fuel your workouts and ensure your survival in the summer heat. • Energy on the go Hectic afternoons can lead to subpar fast food lunches if you haven’t planned ahead. Pack a lunch that doesn’t need to be reheated if you’re going to be on the run, [...]

Rob Riggle – Comedian and Former Marine Brings the Funny

Comedians have an attachment to mixed martial arts. Listen to even a few hours of Jay Mohr’s cosmically popular podcast Mohr Stories, and you’ll hear comedian after comedian talk about their affection for the world’s fastest growing sport. Opie and Anthony, Jim Norton, Bob Kelly, and preeminent comedic MMA nut Joe Rogan all share a [...]

Colt Ford Has the MMA Mentality

When Colt Ford has an idea, it usually pays dividends. In 2008, the smooth country rappin’ phenomenon co-founded Average Joes Entertainment, an independent record company where he is the flagship artist and whose roster of talent includes Montgomery Gentry, LoCash Cowboys, Bubba Sparxxx, and Nappy Roots. Also in that year, Ford co-wrote “Dirt Road Anthem,” [...]

Girl Next Door

Kristen Renee Age: 23 Height: 5’5” Hometown: Canton, OH Facebook: /xKristenReneex Photo by: Houser Photography Where are you from? I currently live in Cincinnati, OH. I grew up part of my life here and part of my life in Canton, OH. What is your favorite thing about MMA? I love the unpredictability of MMA, the fight [...]

Last Call – Here Come the Brazilians

After visiting Brazil six times in the last two years to call UFC fights, former title contender and current UFC Tonight host Kenny Florian has a unique perspective on the UFC’s fastest growing market. When people think of the UFC and Brazil, a couple of things probably come to mind, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu—the fighting style [...]

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