July 2012 MMA Life

Bringing the Fight Overseas

More than 20 years ago, a mix of comedians, musicians, and eye candy was standard entertainment for deployed troops. Celebrities still do large numbers, but there’s another big ticket these days—mixed martial artists. During a stint in the early 1990s as a military police officer in the Marines, jiu-jitsu coach Kurt Shrout remembers the impact [...]

Comic Relief

Watch who you call a comic book nerd…you may just get a roundhouse kick for saying something like that. The eyeglasses give him a studious demeanor—his long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He looks like a professor, however, behind those spectacles and mild-mannered face is one of the most dangerous fighters in MMA. He [...]

Fender Bender

NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick isn’t afraid of getting scrappy on and off the track. It may be surprising to learn that NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone are buddies. With their similar dispositions, however, they may just be a match made in heaven. It would be easier to list the NASCAR drivers [...]

Musical Heavy-Weights

For Our Lady Peace front man Raine Maida, MMA is a family affair. Raine Maida is always trying to get better at his craft. The front man of the platinum-selling rock band Our Lady Peace is reflecting on the group’s recently released eighth studio album, Curve, from inside his home offi ce in Los Angeles, [...]

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