July 2012

Editor’s Letter

From Dan Severn to Mark Coleman to the great Randy Couture, there is no doubt that wrestling is an integral part of the UFC’s DNA. But today’s modern MMA combatants require more than just the ability to secure a takedown with hopes of pounding an opponent into submission. A wellrounded game is crucial to surviving [...]

A Villain Unmasked

UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks isn’t in training camp at the moment, meaning he’s walking around at a comfortable 210 pounds and his beard is more cropped than his Rasputin-like whiskers on fight night. Actually, he’s not entirely comfortable—FIGHT! photog Paul Thatcher is spraying him down with a cold water bottle, trying to get him to [...]

Gold Rush

While MMA isn’t included in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, fight fans can still get their combat fi x by watching these six wrestlers who have the best chance of taking home U.S. gold. The American Freestyle Wrestling Team has captured an individual gold medal in every Olympics since 1972. However, with fewer [...]

Did You Know?

COOL KNOWLEDGE FROM THE WORLD OF MMA HOT THESPIAN ACTION Two-time FIGHT! centerfold and Bellator ring card girl Jade Bryce scored a recurring role on the upcoming season of Dexter. NUMB3R CRUNCHING 11: Wins by Cody McKenzie via guillotine 75: Minutes Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson have fought each other. 910: Days between Mike Swick’s [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA BROCK SUPPORTER “I think he [Brock Lesnar] defi nitely should be [in the UFC Hall of Fame]. Anybody who’s been in there and won the title, whether it was four fights or six fights or whatever, I think he made a huge impact in our sport. I think he brought that whole WWE [...]

Health Radar

WE’RE NOT DOCTORS, WE JUST PLAY ONE ON TV. GOING BRAZILIAN NUTS While taking supplemental selenium—a powerful antioxidant that combats the damage that free radicals cause in the body—can be a great way to ensure you get adequate amounts, it’s not entirely necessary to add another pill to your vitamin regimen. Brazil nuts include as [...]

5 Minutes with Martin Kampmann

Your two latest victories over Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger have come after you’ve been hurt or dropped. Do you require the sight of your own blood before you bring your best game? Yeah, recently, I’ve had to get beat up a little bit before I start beating back. It’s something I have to work [...]

New Gear

YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON HAPPINESS 1. BELLATOR MMA ONSLAUGHT for XboX and PS3 You’re probably familiar with the other big MMA game on the market, but you may not know that Bellator is set to launch its own game as well. True to form, Bellator: MMA Onslaught promises MMA action with a [...]

Behind the Fight

As one of Dominick Cruz’s coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Live, BJJ black belt Lloyd Irvin brought his specialized coaching system not only to Team Cruz…but to the fi ght fans who tuned in from all over the globe. As head of Team Lloyd Irvin (U.S. Jiu-Jistu Team) and owner of Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts [...]

Judgement Day

A new breed of fighter is ensuring that the sport of MMA continues to evolve, but there’s also a new breed of judge—and Ricardo Almeida is leading the way. You don’t need to earn a third-degree black belt from Renzo Gracie to become an MMA judge—but if offi cials were required to do so, controversial [...]

A+ Competitor

Minnesota native Rachel Olson isn’t afraid of being in the spotlight. The 23-year-old aspiring pro bikini competitor and ring card girl spends her free time in the gym when she’s not keeping MMA fans entertained with her trips around the cage. FIGHT! shined its spotlight on her for the day, and we’re positive you’ll be [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fi ghters on the verge of making it to the next level. MMAWeekly.com takes you deep inside the [...]

A Warrior’s Heart

As the UFC’s only Afghan-born fighter, Siyar Bahadurzada is determined to inspire multiple nations of fans. Zuffa understands the connection between combat on the battlefield and combat in the cage, and it has heavily promoted the sacrifices made by soldiers-turned-fighters like UFC middleweight Brian Stann and Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy. Both served in the U.S. [...]

Abdominal Hunt

Finding your summer six pack. The abdominal region is one of the hardest areas to train, not because the exercises that stress this area are diffi cult to perform, but due to the negative experiences most of us have had with training this muscle group. From sit-up tests in grade school to ab wheels at [...]

MMA 101

This month, 2007 ADCC World Champion and undefeated professional mixed martial artist Robert Drysdale shows readers two slick chokes from side control. There are a lot of benefits to being in side control. You can knee the body, drop elbows to the face, work toward full mount, and hunt submissions. If you are hunting submission, [...]

The Beet Down

Bust free radicals, boost nitric oxide production, and get back to your roots with one of nature’s best kept secrets. Beets. For many fighters, they’re one of those love ’em or hate ’em type foods. If you love them, you’ve come to enjoy their unique earthiness and vibrant color they bring to the plate. If [...]

The Right Pace

How to get the most out of your conditioning once you step into the cage. Any time a fighter ends up gassed out and face down on the canvas, the simple reaction is to point the finger at a lack of conditioning as the cause. Everyone from forum warriors to fight commentators often leap to [...]

The Lost Art of the Armbar

How the MMA submission staple almost became extinct. On March 3, 2012, Ronda Rousey won the Strikeforce Women’s Lightweight Championship via armbar submission of Miesha Tate. The formula was perfect: pre-fight hype, nonstop action, an epic finish, and a star’s emergence. That same weekend at UFC on FX 2, two more fighters—Daniel Pineda and TJ [...]

Bringing the Fight Overseas

More than 20 years ago, a mix of comedians, musicians, and eye candy was standard entertainment for deployed troops. Celebrities still do large numbers, but there’s another big ticket these days—mixed martial artists. During a stint in the early 1990s as a military police officer in the Marines, jiu-jitsu coach Kurt Shrout remembers the impact [...]

Comic Relief

Watch who you call a comic book nerd…you may just get a roundhouse kick for saying something like that. The eyeglasses give him a studious demeanor—his long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He looks like a professor, however, behind those spectacles and mild-mannered face is one of the most dangerous fighters in MMA. He [...]

Fender Bender

NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick isn’t afraid of getting scrappy on and off the track. It may be surprising to learn that NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone are buddies. With their similar dispositions, however, they may just be a match made in heaven. It would be easier to list the NASCAR drivers [...]

Musical Heavy-Weights

For Our Lady Peace front man Raine Maida, MMA is a family affair. Raine Maida is always trying to get better at his craft. The front man of the platinum-selling rock band Our Lady Peace is reflecting on the group’s recently released eighth studio album, Curve, from inside his home offi ce in Los Angeles, [...]

And We Are Live…

Michael Chiesa capped his 13 weeks in The Ultimate Fighter: Live house by earning a sixfigure UFC contract. Michael Chiesa may have been coach Urijah Faber’s fifth pick, but that didn’t deter the Washington native from systematically mowing through his TUF brethren on the fifteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. After defeating Jermey [...]

Girl Next Door

Brit Bliss Age: 24 Height: 5’3” Hometown: Olympia, WA Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBritBliss Twitter: @BritBliss Where are you from? I grew up in southern Ohio, just outside of a city called Zanesville. What was it like growing up there? It was quiet, and there were more cornfields than people! What is your best feature? I’d have to [...]

Editor’s Letter

In the mid-19th century, introduction of the Minié ball and rifle changed modern warfare forever. The effects were notably present on the battlefi elds of the American Civil War, where the superior range and accuracy of the improved weaponry proved deadly to commanders and infantry still adhering to the Napoleonic tactics of a previous era. [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA LIGHTWEIGHT LOVE “Congrats to my dude @EdAlvarezFight. Doesn’t get better than that.” —Frankie Edgar on Twitter after Eddie Alvarez’s TKOvictory over Shinya Aoki at Bellator 66. SNIPER SNIPPETS “I bleed, and I hate judges.” —Tim Kennedy to FIGHT! Magazine on the best lessons he’s learned insidethe cage. IMMORTAL OUTLOOK “There were a couple [...]

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