July 2010 Quick Hits

5 Minutes With Cung Le

I understand you surf. Catch any big waves lately?   I used to boogie board a lot when I was younger. No time now.   What’s the hardest you’ve ever hit someone?   Arne Soldwedel, in the Shidokan finals. It was in the 7th round and there were two more to go, and I didn’t [...]

MMA’s Festive

We’ve all got our favorite fighters. Some have awesome skills. Some have cool personalities. Some have great mustaches. And some you’d just like to have a Vodka Collins with. Need help figuring it out? No problem. Here are the top five fighters (and a beverage that complements them) that would make for an entertaining night [...]

Lone Star Special

So how’d you get into modeling?   I’ve only been it doing it since November. In October, I was backpacking and couch surfing in California for the whole month. Robert Donahue, a fashion photographer in L.A, ran into me at a coffee shop and started bugging me to model because he was trying to shoot [...]

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