July 2010 Names in the Game

Training Pre-Fight

If past combat champions have taught us anything, it’s that going the extra mile can help ensure total domination. Want to be the best? You have to push yourself to the limits. Check out how some of the world’s best mano-a-mano warriors reached the pinnacle in their respective sports.   DOUG BLUBAUGHFreestyle Wrestling   Olympic [...]

Turning Pro

The fighters you see on TV were once green professionals, fighting in front of small crowds for a few hundred dollars and travel money. Almost every week, I am at a local MMA event in the Southeast watching new pros make their debut. With the shear number of gyms popping up, I am seeing more [...]

Bully Beatdown

I sit in a darkened room, lights blazing across my face, blinding me from everything except for the bully sitting across from me—the same blinding lights, piercing his retinas from behind me. I scramble to remember the name of this poor, delusional idiot, who thinks he can beat up a professional fighter, by looking at [...]

New Blood

TAREC SAFFIEDINE   RECORD: 9-2KEY VICTORIES: James Terry and Nate MoorWEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight (170 pounds)AGE: 24COUNTRY: BelgiumNICKNAME: Sponge   The Kingdom of Belgium isn’t exactly known as the world’s premier hot bed for mixed martial artists. That’s why Belgium-born fighter Tarec Saffiedine—when he decided to take his fight game to the next level—packed his bags [...]

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Just about everyone who trains in MMA knows at least the “basic” moves.But what about those submissions or strikes that leave your jaw on the floor,a mental image burned in your brain, and a lasting impression that you refer to for years after the fight. I did the honors of sifting through fight footage from [...]

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