July 2010 MMA Life

Putting The Art in MMA

The Coppola Art Exchange showcased Danzig’s photography and George’s drawings at “Reflection,” an event that blended Southern California’s upscale art scene with its passion for mixed martial arts.   “More and more educated people are fighting and more and more educated people are fans,” said Danzig. “It’s just something I think will be normal in [...]

MMA Hater

One of the byproducts of MMA’s ascent into the consciousness of the casual sports fan is the awakening of the dreaded monster known as “The Mainstream Media.” While guys such as ESPN’s Jim Rome present an open, balanced forum for MMA coverage (both good and bad), there always seems to be some angry (and usually [...]

MMA’s Toughest Music Fest

The Rockstar Mayhem Festival is the summer’s hardest music tour. Fans can listen to bands on three stages, mosh to their favorite tunes, watch the guys from Metal Mulisha put on a BMX demonstration, and drink while they bask in the sun.   When the metal and hard rock artists aren’t partying or signing autographs [...]

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