July 2010

5 Minutes With Cung Le

I understand you surf. Catch any big waves lately?   I used to boogie board a lot when I was younger. No time now.   What’s the hardest you’ve ever hit someone?   Arne Soldwedel, in the Shidokan finals. It was in the 7th round and there were two more to go, and I didn’t [...]

MMA’s Festive

We’ve all got our favorite fighters. Some have awesome skills. Some have cool personalities. Some have great mustaches. And some you’d just like to have a Vodka Collins with. Need help figuring it out? No problem. Here are the top five fighters (and a beverage that complements them) that would make for an entertaining night [...]

Lone Star Special

So how’d you get into modeling?   I’ve only been it doing it since November. In October, I was backpacking and couch surfing in California for the whole month. Robert Donahue, a fashion photographer in L.A, ran into me at a coffee shop and started bugging me to model because he was trying to shoot [...]

Mo Knows Fighting

Aren’t you Rampage Jackson?  That’s the question King Mo Lawal has been getting ever since he began knocking out guys in Sengoku a year and a half ago. He’s being asked that even no win Las Vegas, with Rampage standing there scowling opposite Rashad Evans on the thousands of UFC 114 posters. “Nah, ”he says. [...]

The Power 20

It’s time for the third Annual FIGHT! Power 20 of MMA, where we rank MMA’s top movers, shakers, moneymakers, players, and playas. The list is based on the idea that these 20 people can make real things happen — run an organization, book fights, put together large deals, open new markets, sell hundreds of thousands [...]

Everyone’s All-American

You can always tell by the hands. Sitting on the steps leading to his Tommy Z’s Speed Camp in Palatine, Ill., Tom Zbikowski whips off a text message as fast as a binary synapse fires. His thumbs move quickly. Nothing about this guy moves slow.   The camp is in a converted racquetball court. But [...]

Training Pre-Fight

If past combat champions have taught us anything, it’s that going the extra mile can help ensure total domination. Want to be the best? You have to push yourself to the limits. Check out how some of the world’s best mano-a-mano warriors reached the pinnacle in their respective sports.   DOUG BLUBAUGHFreestyle Wrestling   Olympic [...]

Turning Pro

The fighters you see on TV were once green professionals, fighting in front of small crowds for a few hundred dollars and travel money. Almost every week, I am at a local MMA event in the Southeast watching new pros make their debut. With the shear number of gyms popping up, I am seeing more [...]

Bully Beatdown

I sit in a darkened room, lights blazing across my face, blinding me from everything except for the bully sitting across from me—the same blinding lights, piercing his retinas from behind me. I scramble to remember the name of this poor, delusional idiot, who thinks he can beat up a professional fighter, by looking at [...]

New Blood

TAREC SAFFIEDINE   RECORD: 9-2KEY VICTORIES: James Terry and Nate MoorWEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight (170 pounds)AGE: 24COUNTRY: BelgiumNICKNAME: Sponge   The Kingdom of Belgium isn’t exactly known as the world’s premier hot bed for mixed martial artists. That’s why Belgium-born fighter Tarec Saffiedine—when he decided to take his fight game to the next level—packed his bags [...]

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Just about everyone who trains in MMA knows at least the “basic” moves.But what about those submissions or strikes that leave your jaw on the floor,a mental image burned in your brain, and a lasting impression that you refer to for years after the fight. I did the honors of sifting through fight footage from [...]

Putting The Art in MMA

The Coppola Art Exchange showcased Danzig’s photography and George’s drawings at “Reflection,” an event that blended Southern California’s upscale art scene with its passion for mixed martial arts.   “More and more educated people are fighting and more and more educated people are fans,” said Danzig. “It’s just something I think will be normal in [...]

MMA Hater

One of the byproducts of MMA’s ascent into the consciousness of the casual sports fan is the awakening of the dreaded monster known as “The Mainstream Media.” While guys such as ESPN’s Jim Rome present an open, balanced forum for MMA coverage (both good and bad), there always seems to be some angry (and usually [...]

MMA’s Toughest Music Fest

The Rockstar Mayhem Festival is the summer’s hardest music tour. Fans can listen to bands on three stages, mosh to their favorite tunes, watch the guys from Metal Mulisha put on a BMX demonstration, and drink while they bask in the sun.   When the metal and hard rock artists aren’t partying or signing autographs [...]

As Cool As The Iceman

He tried to lie still while we squirmed and cringed as the needle was inserted into the gaping hole in his lip. All the Novacaine in the world couldn’t numb the pain that was felt in the little secluded area of Vancouver General Hospital on this Saturday night.   The patient on the table—Chuck “The [...]

Metabolic Magic

Your metabolism is the sum of all the various reactions in your body that burn calories for energy. Your caloric needs are based on your resting metabolic rate and your level of daily physical activity. The resting or “basal” metabolic rate is simply the calories your body needs to exist everyday. Unfortunately, metabolism slows down [...]

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