July 2009 Features

Feeding Time

Thiago Alves has an insatiable hunger to be the best. This is what the good life looks like. It’s perfect day in South Florida – sunny, not too humid – and Thiago Alves tooling around town in his immaculate white Range Rover. He’s wearing designer sunglasses. He’s sitting on twenty-two inch Asanti rims. He weaves [...]

FIGHT! Magazine Hall of Fame

Our sport is young, but already we have seen legends rise and fall, men whose abilities and accomplishments left an indelible impression on martial arts, combat sports, and popular culture. For this reason we are proud to announce the creation of the FIGHT! Magazine Hall of Fame. The criteria for inclusion are as follows: Fighters [...]

Deja Vu!

Déjà Vu! You’ve seen her before, strutting her stuff on MMA’s biggest stage, but away from The Octagon Edith Labelle takes on a persona that will be sure to have you doing a double take. Where did you grow up and where are you now? I actually grew up in the outskirts of Montreal, about [...]

The Art Of War

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Wuzhou district of Beijing is a place where you can clearly see the forces that are shaping the new world economic order. Well-dressed European and American businesspeople, eager for a chance at China’s massive domestic market (which is larger than those of the US, European Union and Japan combined) [...]

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