July 2008 Quick Hits

Fighter Spotlight

Philadelphia has always been known as a fi ght town. It’s where Bernard Hopkins was born and raised, where Frazier trained to fi ght Ali, and the same place Rocky Balboa ran up that endless staircase before fi ghting Apollo Creed for a world title. With so many champions in the city’s history, it was [...]


Many business principles translate across industries, but that doesn’t mean all businesses are the same. However, casual clothing company Affl iction will attempt to make the jump from apparel to fi ght promoting on July 19 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, with one of the biggest MMA fi ght cards in history. While Affl [...]

The Mad Science of Matchmaking

Every fi ght organization has a brain trust when it comes to putting on a show. In mixed martial arts, promoters often appear as the face of the organization – the creator or destroyer of all things good in the sport. But matchmakers are the ones cooking up the cards that electrify or disappoint crowds. [...]

Octagon Iraq

In this Octagon, you will fi nd no bigname sponsors, no high-paying advertisers, and no sexy ring girls holding signs to announce the next round. What you will fi nd are raw materials, raw talent, and raw ambition. This particular Octagon is covered with the battle blood and sweat from American troops serving their country [...]

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