July 2008 Names in the Game

Dreams And The Proper Distance

Team Meeting… Any one who has spent a lot of time in fi ght gyms will recognize their familiar smell: of stale sweat, wet leather and something vaguely reminiscent of urine, (the imported leather, which fi nds its way into a lot of training gear, is treated with cow urine overseas.) Although it’s not a [...]

The Power 20

In the fi rst annual FIGHT! Power 20 we take a look at the top movers and shakers in the mixed martial arts world. Businessmen, promoters, fi nanciers, fi ghters and trainers all fi nd their way on to this years list. There are some name which are well-known to anyone familiar with MMA but [...]

The Making Of A Superstar

The fi rst time Cung Le lost a fi ght, he was ten years old. The victor was a bully named Domingo, who along with his gang, constantly picked on the small Vietnamese kid. Today, Cung Le is a far cry from that scrawny kid back in Vietnam. With the Strikeforce Middleweight belt in his [...]

New Blood

Ryan Bader Is MMA a wrestler’s world? Some of the biggest early champions were wrestlers, or had a strong wrestling base. Wrestlers dominated their opponents with control and vicious ground and pound. But as the sport evolved, fi ghters became well-rounded, and the dominance of wrestling soon diminished. But a new breed of wrestlers – [...]

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