July 2008 MMA Life

Emelianenko Vs. Sylvia

Saturday, July 19, Fedor Emelianenko is set to face Tim Sylvia under the banner of Affl iction‘s fl edgling MMA promotion. The Russian heavyweight legend has been the subject of frequent discussion, for while his prowess is evident whenever he enters the cage, he has not faced any of the other champions in his weight [...]

Fight! Across America

As I pass the giant dinosaur that prowls near I-64, I ponder the badass fi ght league everyone in the Southeast has been talking about. Ever since I began writing FIGHT! Across America, people have been calling and emailing about a local fi ght organization with production values equivalent to BoDog or the WEC. So, [...]

Are You Dumb Enough?

The fi rst Roman Gladiatorial Games were held in 246 BCE by Marcus and Decimus Brutus in honor of their father, Junius Brutus. Thousands of years later, the term gladiator is often used to describe a mixed martial artist. However, one wrong move by a gladiator resulted in being impaled by a spear or eaten [...]

MMA Frontmen

Nearly every American male has wanted to experience the rock star lifestyle. These musicians tour the world, party hard every night, and are swarmed by countless groupies willing to do absolutely anything to meet a celebrity. But as profi led in the third issue of FIGHT!, a handful of recording artists based in Orange County [...]

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