July 2008

Fighter Spotlight

Philadelphia has always been known as a fi ght town. It’s where Bernard Hopkins was born and raised, where Frazier trained to fi ght Ali, and the same place Rocky Balboa ran up that endless staircase before fi ghting Apollo Creed for a world title. With so many champions in the city’s history, it was [...]


Many business principles translate across industries, but that doesn’t mean all businesses are the same. However, casual clothing company Affl iction will attempt to make the jump from apparel to fi ght promoting on July 19 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, with one of the biggest MMA fi ght cards in history. While Affl [...]

The Mad Science of Matchmaking

Every fi ght organization has a brain trust when it comes to putting on a show. In mixed martial arts, promoters often appear as the face of the organization – the creator or destroyer of all things good in the sport. But matchmakers are the ones cooking up the cards that electrify or disappoint crowds. [...]

Octagon Iraq

In this Octagon, you will fi nd no bigname sponsors, no high-paying advertisers, and no sexy ring girls holding signs to announce the next round. What you will fi nd are raw materials, raw talent, and raw ambition. This particular Octagon is covered with the battle blood and sweat from American troops serving their country [...]

Rising Son

But sometimes, a fi ghter and trainer can make a connection that transcends the pettiness and the ugliness of such a seedy business. It starts when an old pro sees something in the young man standing before him, something that everyone else missed. Before long, they become like father and son, sharing absolute trust and [...]

Backstage At The IFL

The calm before the storm. An hour before showtime at The Izod Center, in a spartan backstage locker room just big enough for two warm-up mats and couple of tables, twenty people congregate. The mob includes the six men who will be fi ghting on the evening’s International Fight League (IFL) card, their trainers, a [...]

New Blood

Ryan Bader Is MMA a wrestler’s world? Some of the biggest early champions were wrestlers, or had a strong wrestling base. Wrestlers dominated their opponents with control and vicious ground and pound. But as the sport evolved, fi ghters became well-rounded, and the dominance of wrestling soon diminished. But a new breed of wrestlers – [...]

Dreams And The Proper Distance

Team Meeting… Any one who has spent a lot of time in fi ght gyms will recognize their familiar smell: of stale sweat, wet leather and something vaguely reminiscent of urine, (the imported leather, which fi nds its way into a lot of training gear, is treated with cow urine overseas.) Although it’s not a [...]

The Power 20

In the fi rst annual FIGHT! Power 20 we take a look at the top movers and shakers in the mixed martial arts world. Businessmen, promoters, fi nanciers, fi ghters and trainers all fi nd their way on to this years list. There are some name which are well-known to anyone familiar with MMA but [...]

The Making Of A Superstar

The fi rst time Cung Le lost a fi ght, he was ten years old. The victor was a bully named Domingo, who along with his gang, constantly picked on the small Vietnamese kid. Today, Cung Le is a far cry from that scrawny kid back in Vietnam. With the Strikeforce Middleweight belt in his [...]

Emelianenko Vs. Sylvia

Saturday, July 19, Fedor Emelianenko is set to face Tim Sylvia under the banner of Affl iction‘s fl edgling MMA promotion. The Russian heavyweight legend has been the subject of frequent discussion, for while his prowess is evident whenever he enters the cage, he has not faced any of the other champions in his weight [...]

Fight! Across America

As I pass the giant dinosaur that prowls near I-64, I ponder the badass fi ght league everyone in the Southeast has been talking about. Ever since I began writing FIGHT! Across America, people have been calling and emailing about a local fi ght organization with production values equivalent to BoDog or the WEC. So, [...]

Are You Dumb Enough?

The fi rst Roman Gladiatorial Games were held in 246 BCE by Marcus and Decimus Brutus in honor of their father, Junius Brutus. Thousands of years later, the term gladiator is often used to describe a mixed martial artist. However, one wrong move by a gladiator resulted in being impaled by a spear or eaten [...]

MMA Frontmen

Nearly every American male has wanted to experience the rock star lifestyle. These musicians tour the world, party hard every night, and are swarmed by countless groupies willing to do absolutely anything to meet a celebrity. But as profi led in the third issue of FIGHT!, a handful of recording artists based in Orange County [...]

Fight! Girl Search

Chelse Medley Age: 21Height: 5’7”Hometown: Charleston, SCFavorite Fighter: Chuck LiddellRelationship Status: Single!On the Web: www.chelsemedley.com Hi Chelse, great pictures, you have a very unique look. What is your ethnicity? look. What is your ethnicity? I’m Native American and 1/4 French on my mother’s side. Fantastic mix apparently. What have you been up to lately? A [...]

Glazer Weighs In

The MMA world is now on the verge of a full-scale reality check…as in reality TV. The wildly popular Spike show The Ultimate Fighter proves that MMA reality TV works. Now, Fedor Emelianenko has a program coming out called Fighting Fedor. Tito Ortiz has something that looks to be great, where knuckleheads with a beef [...]

Bubba Uncensored

BEST OF THE BEST Who is the best pound-for-pound fi ghter in the world? It seems like the choices are down to UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. Neither fi ghter has any signifi cant holes in their game. While neither is invincible, they are as close as you [...]

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