January 2012 Fighting Fit

MMA 101

Double Leg Drill Before you can walk, you’ve got to learn to crawl. The same goes for MMA. There’s no sense in learning shot variations (like running the pipe or single-leg cutbacks) if your double-leg takedown isn’t solid. This simple double-leg drill—broken down into five movements—emphasizes proper form. Don’t worry about doing it with speed [...]

The Stress Of Training

How heart rate variability may revamp the training methods for professional and amateur athletes alike. Over the last several years, technology has invaded nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Our cell phones give us access to high speed internet anywhere at anytime, our cars use GPS and talk to us to give us turn-by-turn [...]

New Year New You

Five easy adjustments for an upgraded 2012. After five weeks of holiday eating and drinking, January is the month when many people put away their party shoes, dust off their sneakers, and start ordering salads. The vow to eat healthfully and go to the gym every day may last a full month… maybe more, maybe [...]

Head Games

“I just don’t want to see anyone hurt. That’s all I care about. When you get to a point—in my opinion, I’m no doctor—that you start getting knocked out on a regular [basis], that’s it. I don’t want to see that any more.” —UFC president Dana White Dana White made that statement after MMA legend [...]

4 On The Floor

Pushup Power The pushup is a classic exercise for upper body development. Around the world, the pushup is a constant in combat training. In most commercial gyms, however, the pushup has taken a back seat to an array of fancy weight machines and equipment designed to keep people interested in fitness. The pushup reminds us [...]

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