January 2012 Features

Let’s Get Real

Benson Henderson is on his way to Japan with a mission—fight the perfect fight, take Frankie Edgar’s belt, and make sure it doesn’t leave his waist until 2016. “Can you do a Matrix kick off the fence on this?” Henderson asks. He’s staring at his doppelganger on a flat-screen television, trying to figure out how [...]

The Land Of The Fighting Sun

DUN…DUN…DUN-DUN. The tribal call of Nobuhiko Takada’s Taiko drums bang as the giant big screen flashes and fans roar. Spotlights trace Saitama Super Arena, flash-pots explode, and flamethrowers spit at the ceiling. DUN… DUN…DUN-DUN. The camera zooms around the cavernous hall as Bas Rutten mingles with Stephen Quadros. One by one, the fighters from around [...]

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