January 2010 Names in the Game

5 Minutes with Ben Henderson

Why does such a polite young man like yourself punch people in the face for a living? I view it more as a competition, like tennis or golf— any professional sport. Its just competition, plain and simple. It just so happens that this competition is fighting. You’re fighting Jaime Varner next. If you could change [...]

Stream of Consciousness

Train, eat, train, sleep, train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep. Repeat the process. Repeat the process. Talk, gym, gym, gym, salad, green juice, train, train, train. Hotel, cut weight, hungry, thirsty, now time is moving slowly, waiting, hot, thirsty, weakened, whisper, “Let me drink water,” then scream in the hot box angrily. Strip sauna suit [...]

New Blood

Stefan Struve A towering fighter at 6 feet 11 inches, Stefan Struve has gone from being a hot European prospect one year ago to being one of the better up-andcoming heavyweights in the UFC. Fighting out of Holland, Struve made a name for himself at the early age of 17 when he began his career [...]

The Invisible Man

It’s the day before UFC 91 in Las Vegas, and you can’t set foot in the MGM Grand without feeling the energy of an approaching fight night. It reaches out and touches you, like static electricity. A little zap on the surface of your skin. Even the regular tourists who are here by accident feel [...]

7 Seconds To Glory

Even bull riders strive for a full eight seconds atop a 1500-pound bucking mass of destruction. In his UFC debut, Todd Duffee needed just seven short seconds to knock out promising heavyweight Tim Hague—a former King of the Cage Canada Heavyweight Champion. However, what preceded those seven seconds, as Duffy tells it, was a year [...]

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