January 2010 Fighting Fit

Analyze This

Whenever there are two fighters matched up with the wrestling pedigrees that Matt Veach and Frankie Edgar possess, it’s typically going to come down to who has the better stand-up game to complement their wrestling abilities. Here we take a closer look at how these skills were utilized by both fighters in TUF 10’s Fight [...]

Does 1+1+1 = MMA?

I’ve seen a lot in the 10 years I’ve been coaching mixed martial arts out of my gym in Athens, Georgia. I’ve watched the transition from the early days of fights in local gyms with make-shift rings and made-up rules to the big money pay-per-view fights held all over the world. I was ringside coaching [...]

Green Tea

Green tea has been an Eastern staple for more than 4,000 years. Once considered a favorite beverage of the Samurai warrior class, green tea has remained an integral part of Asian cultures and is enjoyed in those regions in quantities similar to the Western consumption of coffee. Green, black, and oolong teas are all made [...]

High-Tech Tomatoes

The nutritional arsenal of fresh and cooked tomato products should not be underestimated. By making tomatoes a daily staple of your diet, you’ll boost heart health, fight oxidative stress, protect against a number of cancers, and combat inflammation. Don’t miss out on this easy and inexpensive way to take your health and recovery to the [...]

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