January 2010

Ask Mike Thomas Brown

Mike Thomas Brown is one of the WEC’s most dominant 145- pounders. He took the featherweight title from Urijah Faber in 2008 by knockout and earned a unanimous decision victory in the rematch to solidify his place as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters. A year after capturing WEC gold, Brown’s reign was ended [...]

10 Ultimate Answers In Ten Words Or Less

In the interest of brevity, FIGHT! Magazine takes UFC lightweight Gray Maynard through the proverbial “speed round” of MMA questioning. 10) How Do You Sound Cool Talking Trash? “Back it up!” 9) What’s the Key to Making Weight? “Start early, workout twice a day, have a good diet.” 8) Are There Secrets to Getting the [...]

Wish List

It’s that time of season again. Time to let the champagne flow, the confetti fall, and the resolutions fly. To mark a season of new beginnings, here are 10 fights that we’d love to see inside of the next 12 months. 10. Matt Brown vs. Tim Credeur Big names don’t always make great fights … [...]

“Patience, Young Headhunter”

Not everyone can live up to Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello’s nickname. A young fighter asks the power-punching former UFC heavyweight title challenger if he would mind him adopting “The Headhunter” nickname. “Sure,” as the wise 36-year-old Buentello says, “but it’s a hard name to live by. You’ve got to stand and bang.” That’s how Buentello’s [...]

5 Minutes with Ben Henderson

Why does such a polite young man like yourself punch people in the face for a living? I view it more as a competition, like tennis or golf— any professional sport. Its just competition, plain and simple. It just so happens that this competition is fighting. You’re fighting Jaime Varner next. If you could change [...]

The Way Of Yielding

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not traditional Japanese “jujutsu.” Let’s get that straight right now. But jujutsu’s evolution from a feudal last line of defense to today’s dominant joint-locking discipline may be the best example of a martial art adapting itself to changing environments while maintaining its core mission: to defeat a larger, stronger opponent with superior [...]

Cain Velasquez: Searching For Aztec Gold

In ancient Aztec tradition, young men climbed in rank and status through combat. Specifically, they rose with each battle and the number of enemies they took prisoner. After five or six captives were taken, young Aztec warriors attained the rank of “Eagle” and were on their way to becoming Aztec warrior nobility. Like his Aztec [...]

The High-Flying Dutchman

Inside the lobby of the Marriott in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, is a scene common to fight-card gatherings everywhere. There are the usual cornermen, journalists, television production slaves, executives and their hookworms, promoters, hardcore mixed martial arts fans, and, of course, the fighters themselves. Everyone poses for pictures with fans and with each other. They walk [...]

New Blood

Stefan Struve A towering fighter at 6 feet 11 inches, Stefan Struve has gone from being a hot European prospect one year ago to being one of the better up-andcoming heavyweights in the UFC. Fighting out of Holland, Struve made a name for himself at the early age of 17 when he began his career [...]

The Invisible Man

It’s the day before UFC 91 in Las Vegas, and you can’t set foot in the MGM Grand without feeling the energy of an approaching fight night. It reaches out and touches you, like static electricity. A little zap on the surface of your skin. Even the regular tourists who are here by accident feel [...]

7 Seconds To Glory

Even bull riders strive for a full eight seconds atop a 1500-pound bucking mass of destruction. In his UFC debut, Todd Duffee needed just seven short seconds to knock out promising heavyweight Tim Hague—a former King of the Cage Canada Heavyweight Champion. However, what preceded those seven seconds, as Duffy tells it, was a year [...]

Stream of Consciousness

Train, eat, train, sleep, train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep. Repeat the process. Repeat the process. Talk, gym, gym, gym, salad, green juice, train, train, train. Hotel, cut weight, hungry, thirsty, now time is moving slowly, waiting, hot, thirsty, weakened, whisper, “Let me drink water,” then scream in the hot box angrily. Strip sauna suit [...]

A Simple Move That Every Fighter Struggles With: Retirement

Shortly after losing his UFC 103 matchup and being cleared to fly home, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic found himself facing his fighting mortality. “Maybe the ones who said I am done are right,” he somberly told a Croatian newspaper. The reflection on his future was brought about by a sound defeat at the hands of [...]

FIGHT! Resolutions Solution for 2010

Instead of making our own magazine resolutions—which would have been insanely boring—we decided to offer resolution suggestions for 10 of our favorite fi ghters and MMA personalities. Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just plain stupid. If you can’t figure out which are which, we’ve got a resolution for you: Try to [...]

Real Fighters

I have seen what a true fighter is. Today, I ask that we pay our proper respect and never forget. “Fight” is an interesting word, isn’t it? We win some, we lose some, but more than anything, we respect the act of the competitive nature of the fight. Recently, the word took on a much [...]

Analyze This

Whenever there are two fighters matched up with the wrestling pedigrees that Matt Veach and Frankie Edgar possess, it’s typically going to come down to who has the better stand-up game to complement their wrestling abilities. Here we take a closer look at how these skills were utilized by both fighters in TUF 10’s Fight [...]

Does 1+1+1 = MMA?

I’ve seen a lot in the 10 years I’ve been coaching mixed martial arts out of my gym in Athens, Georgia. I’ve watched the transition from the early days of fights in local gyms with make-shift rings and made-up rules to the big money pay-per-view fights held all over the world. I was ringside coaching [...]

Green Tea

Green tea has been an Eastern staple for more than 4,000 years. Once considered a favorite beverage of the Samurai warrior class, green tea has remained an integral part of Asian cultures and is enjoyed in those regions in quantities similar to the Western consumption of coffee. Green, black, and oolong teas are all made [...]

High-Tech Tomatoes

The nutritional arsenal of fresh and cooked tomato products should not be underestimated. By making tomatoes a daily staple of your diet, you’ll boost heart health, fight oxidative stress, protect against a number of cancers, and combat inflammation. Don’t miss out on this easy and inexpensive way to take your health and recovery to the [...]

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