January 2009 Quick Hits

Blackbelt Gaming

Some might say Marc Laimon leads a double life. He’s an acclaimed Jiu- Jitsu trainer at Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu in Las Vegas by day, trading competitive moves with some of MMA’s top up-and-coming stars, and an avid gaming enthusiast by night. When the lights of the gym go out at the end of the day, [...]

Jacquelyn Payne

So, uh, pretty much single? Ya, I mean. I’m single but dating. I have men in my life, but I seem to pick the wrong ones. How does one become the right one? Someone that is confi dent, but not cocky. There’s a fi ne line there. I like someone who is motivated but not [...]

Misaki Bombs

It’s said that you never get a second chance to make a fi rst impression, but Kazuo Misaki might be an exception to that rule. A veteran of nearly every Japanese MMA promotion including, DEEP, Pancrase, PRIDE, and World Victory Road, Misaki was six years into his career before competing on U.S. soil. The “Grabaka [...]

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