January 2009 MMA Life


There’s a difference between dreamers and visionaries. All of us dream of the way we want the world to look, but visionaries have the courage to change it. The man who would reinvent himself as a pseudo-comic book hero called “Mask” started out as a dreamer in Rancho Cucamonga, California when he was still Charles [...]

My Balls Got Their Asses Kicked

I participated in traditional martial arts for several years. I started with Aikido and stuck with it for quite a while. This, my friends, was Aikido at its namby-pambiest, replete with swirling skirts, unbending arms, and cries of “Grab my wrist!” When, after 13 months of training, I realized I’d never dare to use any [...]

Planning The Punch

The news of Randy Couture’s return to the UFC came quickly and without much warning. While rumors spread throughout the fi ght world, within a few days UFC organizers had an opponent ready for Couture in Brock Lesnar, a major venue ready to host the fi ght, and the marketing/PR machine in place to push [...]

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