January 2009 Features


Vigorous Creatures – Lost – An important Call Twilight on the edge of the Mojave Desert. A jackrabbit the size of a terrier lopes into the middle of the road, where I’m standing outside my parked car. I make eye contact with the animal and it stares back brazenly before darting off. I hadn’t realized [...]

Uncurbed Enthusiasm

Imagine a hyperactive, eight-year-old who’s just been let loose in an amusement park after downing a case of Red Bull. Then imagine that the kid is in fact a 46-year-old, 200-lb., 6’1,” bald, wisecracking Dutch fi ghting prodigy with as much natural athletic talent as Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre. And imagine that he’s [...]

Wanderlei Silva Has Got Your Back

You met him ten seconds ago, just shook his hand for the fi rst time, but somehow you know it in your gut. If ever things go terribly wrong, if today turns out to be a disaster; a Def Con 4 crisis, a complete and total bitch — one of those days — Wanderlei Silva [...]

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