February 2013 Quick Hits

Did You Know?

Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA TUF Luck As a 20-year-old, Jon Jones tried out for The Ultimate Fighter reality show. He was cut from the tryouts for not being old enough. Masked Marauder In an homage to his Latino fighting brethren, Mexican-born Erik Perez donned a luchador mask pre- and post-fight at UFC [...]

Health Radar

We’re Not Doctors, We Just Play One On TV. Set the Trap Trap bar deadlifts are ideal for building strength and explosiveness in the muscle groups of both the posterior and anterior chain. Performed on a box, the deeper starting position places extra emphasis on the glutes, so there is a good chance you will [...]

New Gear

You Can’t Put A Price Tag on Happiness 1. HAYABUSA Jiu-Jitsu Gi Engineered with an ultra-light, triple-weave fabric, Hayabusa has designed a gi that gives you heavyweight performance and durability. Combined with triple-reinforced stitching and stretch inseams, here’s a gi that offers you an edge on the mat. You can buy the gi, but you [...]

5 Minutes With Jake Ellenberger

You post a lot of #GotGrit on your Twitter account. What that’s all about? It’s been motivating for me. It’s the extra. What are you doing extra? Everyone trains. Everyone is tough. For me, it’s that grit to do a lot of things a lot of people don’t want to do. In my opinion, there [...]

Gypsy Soul – Jade Bryce

Bellator beauty Jade Bryce is poised to have her biggest year to date. Between Bellator’s breakout move to Spike TV and her acting and writing aspirations, the charitable world traveler is taking her passions to the masses. Hey Jade, happy 2013. How did you ring in the New Year? Well, for more than a decade, [...]

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