February 2013 Fighting Fit

Torture Circuit

// By Jonathan Chaimberg Time to Get Midieval Former Canadian national wrestler Jonathan Chaimberg is a renowned strength coach to many professional athletes in the NHL, MLB, and UFC. In addition, Chaimberg has developed strength programs for some of the UFC’s most elite fighters, including Georges St-Pierre, Rory MacDonald, Rashad Evans, Mike Ricci, and Kenny [...]

MMA 101 – Mastering the Heel Hook

Submission wizard Mario Sperry is a reckoning force on the mat. The grappling legend is an ADCC World Champion and PRIDE veteran. Now, Sperry is the head coach of Team Blackzilian, which boasts a stable of top fighters, including Rashad Evans, Alistair Overeem, Vitor Belfort, and Eddie Alvarez. With the help of assistant coach and [...]

The Gluten Solution

Gluten has been called all kinds of names, both good and bad. But what rap does it deserve? And, as an athlete, should it be a part of your daily diet? A combination of the proteins gliaden and glutenin, gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, triticale, spelt, bulgur, and kamut, as well as all [...]

Live to Fight Another Day

Follow these six guidelines to keep training injuries at bay. Over the past year, the UFC has faced an increasing number of cancelled fights due to injury. For the first time in its history, injuries forced the UFC to cancel an entire show (UFC 151), and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better. [...]

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