February 2011 Quick Hits

Formula 1 – Amanda Corey

A dash of this. A pinch of that. If Xyience scientists were looking for the perfect formula, they found it, and her name is Amanda Corey.  You’re five-feet tall, but your personality is so big. Do guys find that intimidating? It’s less intimidating. Working for Xyience, I run into so many different kinds of people, [...]

5 Minutes With Mike Pyle

I understand you’re an avid outdoorsman. What’s your pleasure?   I love to fly fish. I’m going before I get into my training camp for my fight with Ricardo Almeida in March.   Is fly fishing a ritual for you?   It helps put me in a certain mindset. It’s been a tradition of mine [...]

WEC Exit Stage Left

Olaf Alfonso’s crooked nose pointed farther east, and it was still leaking blood. Minutes before, the Mexican lightweight had gone three frenetic rounds with John Polakowski in front of HDNet cameras and several thousand locals on a 15-fight MMA card in remote Lemoore, Calif.   Dana White flew commercial and rented a car to get [...]

Inside America’s Gyms

I’m not sure if there are more mixed martial arts gyms or plastic surgeons in California, however, if you are looking for the latter then Beverly Hills is the place for you. If it’s a quality, MMA school or training center that you are searching for, there’s an overabundance of them all along the Golden [...]

Bully Brewing

The last thing you want to be in this day and age is a bully…unless, of course, you are in the world of MMA. If there is an acceptable place for bullying, it’s in the cage, because there’s nothing wrong with imposing your ill will in a fight. However, in a world where bullying role [...]

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