February 2010 Names in the Game

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. MMAWeekly.com takes you deep inside the sport [...]

5 Fighting Femme Fatales

While women’s mixed martial arts is still a novelty to some fans, thanks to recent national exposure, including coverage by ESPN and televised bouts under the Strikeforce banner, female fighters are making their mark in MMA. Here are five of the feistiest females in the sport. 5. GINA CARANO Known as the face of women’s [...]

Monumental Moments In MMA

Things were mighty different in the early UFCs. Fighters threw elbows to the back of their opponents’ heads, struck the groin, and grabbed hair, all with impunity. None of this mayhem, however, was the point of the show. On one side of the Octagon at UFC 1 stood “the shark,” that skinny, chosen representative of [...]

And The Hemmy Goes To

I’d like to thank the Academy and welcome you to the 29th Annual (May)Hemmy Awards. These MMA awards are totally unbiased and look past the “big three” letters that dominate MMA in America, and take a serious and stern look at the sport that we all love. Ok, that’s a bunch of crap. This is [...]

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