February 2010 Features

Memoirs of a Fight Fan In Japan

In Japan, MMA is still a viable art of fighting and pageantry, even in the years since PRIDE’s demise. However, does Japanese MMA have the muscle to continue to endure? Journalist Ben Folwkes found out firsthand as he flew across the globe to experience the Dynamite! New Year’s Eve event in Tokyo. I was tired [...]

Catch As Catch Can

Anywhere you find bored blue-collar men, you’ll find competition. It’s in our blood. Some whittle away their disinterest with camel racing, some with soccer, but the more combative types box or wrestle. In 19th century Lancashire, England, the lads who worked the local mines oftentimes found themselves with enough energy to wrestle for bets after [...]

2009 FIGHT! Magazine Awards

Sit next to a warm fire with a glass of cognac in hand, as FIGHT! takes you on a stroll down memory lane for 2009 and offers up its 3rd Annual FIGHT! Awards. Our picks may not be the most mainstream choices (GSP can’t win ‘em all), but we make a compelling case for each. [...]

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