February 2009 MMA Life

The Juice is Loose

When he isn’t acting, Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi trains jiu-jitsu with Royce Gracie and prepares his California home for the apocalypse. But the Staten Island-native isn’t just about armbars and automatic weapons—he’s also director of a non-profit aimed at helping the victims of Superstorm Sandy. The night before Superstorm San- dy surged over [...]

Iron Rings

As mixed martial arts grows, so do its subsets, organized according to nationality or fi ghting style. The Brazilians bear the yellow, green, and blue earth-spattered banner of submission. The Japanese exhibit fi nesse and technical prowess, while the prototype all-American white wrestler uses Greco-Roman to solidify his presence. Alongside these groups, there’s the African-American [...]


Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: This is the unoffi cial mantra of the U.S. Marine Corps. Why? Because Marines are badasses who typically have to think on their feet and adjust their tactics accordingly. Marines do not make excuses. Likewise, mixed martial artists have to be able to think on their feet. Fortunately, no one is [...]

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