February 2008 Quick Hits

Did You Know?

NATURAL STUNTMAN According to the Internet Movie Database, Randy “The Natural” Couture first broke into show business in 1997, when he appeared as a stuntman in the HBO prison series Oz.   181-43-9 The record of mixed martial arts warhorse Travis “The Iron Man” Fulton, who has fought an incredible 233 times since he first [...]

5 Minutes With Rashad Evans

What’s goin’ on with you? What’s it look like for your next fight? Have they told you anything? Naw, they haven’t told me nothing, but I haven’t stopped training yet. I just kept training after my last fight. I just got back from Montreal, helping out Georges [St. Pierre] at his base camp.   Where [...]

Occupational Hazards

It only takes a quick glance at the photos of former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman and the two gaping holes on the right side of his body to understand the devastating effects of staph infection. “It looked like someone had taken a shotgun and shot me up close,” says Randleman. After dismissing his symptoms [...]

How DUMB Do You Have to Be?

Gone are the stereotypes that fighters fight because “that’s all they know,” or because they have reached their proverbial limits coping with structured society. These are intelligent men and women, who have not been sentenced to a life of struggle inside a cage or ring; they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the most [...]

They Said That?!

TOP GUN “Just because we do it better than everyone else does, doesn’t make (us) a monopoly” – Dana White when asked if he thought the UFC was an MMA monopoly.   COLD WAR “Me, Randy and MMA fans all over the world want to see it. The only obstacle is Dana.” – Fedor Emelianenko [...]

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