February 2008 MMA Life

Nutrition Periodization

From a training perspective, periodization is defined as a strategy that provides long term performance improvements by varying training specificity, intensity, and volume throughout different cycles during the year. Let me simplify things a bit. Periodization is basically a training plan that changes at regular intervals, based on specific goals. Many athletes follow a periodized [...]

MMA Wagering

It may seem counterintuitive, but the easiest way to become more profitable betting on MMA (in fact in betting on any sport) is actually one of the easiest concepts to understand and to implement. At the same time, it is also one the least-practiced concepts, especially among those new to sports wagering.   I’m talking [...]

Man-Panties VS. Board Shorts

For mixed martial artists, the days of wearing gis and singlets are over. To be recognized as a serious contender, you’d better be wearing one of two things when you step into the cage:   MAN-PANTIES or BOARD SHORTS. Not exactly sure what’s what? Here’s the breakdown:   Man-panties (at least that’s what I call [...]

American Top Team

Pessimism is a type of cowardice. It is a way of giving in. Your typical fighter, being by definition a brave and vigorous individual, is also an optimistic one. A great deal of his energy comes from hope. He runs on faith. It might be faith in his physical strength or his conditioning or the [...]

Thrown to the Wolves

These days, there are plenty of places for a professional mixed martial artist to fight, but everyone has their eyes on one prize: the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s the pinnacle of the sport, and without a doubt the biggest show in town. Walk into almost any bar or barbershop and to start a conversation on [...]

MMA Goes Hollywood

If you can make it in Hollywood, you can make it anywhere. If that old adage holds true, then not only has MMA arrived, but it looks like it’s here to stay. Whether it’s Endeavor representing the UFC, Creative Artists signing TapouT, the IFL finding a home at William Morris, or Gersh representing fighters like [...]

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