February 2008 Features


“These fighters are scary in a way that boxers and kick-boxers aren’t. They are savage…Whoever wins the fight, the unspoken signifier of victory is, I could have killed you. There are no excuses in the rules. If we were alone, in some back alley or on a deserted island, and we fought without all these [...]

The Top 7 Strikers in MMA History

November 1993, I sat shocked at what I had just witnessed. A 185 pound Jiu-Jitsu fighter named Royce Gracie had just won the first-ever televised mixed martial arts tournament, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. After having practiced years of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Muay Thai, it seemed that I had wasted the last ten [...]

Brock Lesner

The first time Dana White met Brock Lesnar, he was transfixed. “He’s a monster,” the UFC president recalled in an interview with FIGHT! Magazine. “Seriously, the first time I ever met him, this is going to sound fucking weird, but the fi rst time I ever met him we sat down and we started talking, [...]

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