February 2008

Did You Know?

NATURAL STUNTMAN According to the Internet Movie Database, Randy “The Natural” Couture first broke into show business in 1997, when he appeared as a stuntman in the HBO prison series Oz.   181-43-9 The record of mixed martial arts warhorse Travis “The Iron Man” Fulton, who has fought an incredible 233 times since he first [...]

5 Minutes With Rashad Evans

What’s goin’ on with you? What’s it look like for your next fight? Have they told you anything? Naw, they haven’t told me nothing, but I haven’t stopped training yet. I just kept training after my last fight. I just got back from Montreal, helping out Georges [St. Pierre] at his base camp.   Where [...]

Occupational Hazards

It only takes a quick glance at the photos of former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman and the two gaping holes on the right side of his body to understand the devastating effects of staph infection. “It looked like someone had taken a shotgun and shot me up close,” says Randleman. After dismissing his symptoms [...]

How DUMB Do You Have to Be?

Gone are the stereotypes that fighters fight because “that’s all they know,” or because they have reached their proverbial limits coping with structured society. These are intelligent men and women, who have not been sentenced to a life of struggle inside a cage or ring; they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the most [...]

They Said That?!

TOP GUN “Just because we do it better than everyone else does, doesn’t make (us) a monopoly” – Dana White when asked if he thought the UFC was an MMA monopoly.   COLD WAR “Me, Randy and MMA fans all over the world want to see it. The only obstacle is Dana.” – Fedor Emelianenko [...]

The Top 7 Strikers in MMA History

November 1993, I sat shocked at what I had just witnessed. A 185 pound Jiu-Jitsu fighter named Royce Gracie had just won the first-ever televised mixed martial arts tournament, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. After having practiced years of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Muay Thai, it seemed that I had wasted the last ten [...]

Brock Lesner

The first time Dana White met Brock Lesnar, he was transfixed. “He’s a monster,” the UFC president recalled in an interview with FIGHT! Magazine. “Seriously, the first time I ever met him, this is going to sound fucking weird, but the fi rst time I ever met him we sat down and we started talking, [...]


“These fighters are scary in a way that boxers and kick-boxers aren’t. They are savage…Whoever wins the fight, the unspoken signifier of victory is, I could have killed you. There are no excuses in the rules. If we were alone, in some back alley or on a deserted island, and we fought without all these [...]

Mayhem’s Best/Worst

Flashing lights, TV screens, ring girls clamoring for your jockstrap; the world of fighting seems quite enjoyable from this particular angle. But we live in a three dimensional world where we sometimes have to look at things from all angles, even, at times, the ugly ones. I decided this month to dig down and inspect [...]

John Fitch

Height: 6 (183 cm) Weight: 170 lb (93 kg) Division: Welterweight (170bs) Hometown: Ft Wayne – Indiana Professional Record: 15-2-1 (Win – Loss – Draw) Biggest Win: Defeated Diego Sanchez at UFC 76.   John Fitch is feeling relatively carefree. On this autumn afternoon, the 29-year-old is driving to Friant, California. Although he keeps both [...]

The Lawman’s Next Fight

When John McCarthy entered the police academy of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in his early twenties, some two decades ago, he already was curious about a hot topic in martial arts circles: which fighting style was best?   “I came from a background of wrestling and boxing,” he said in December in a [...]

New Blood

In the exploding world of MMA, it’s sometimes hard for fans to notice some of the amazing fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. We’ve enlisted the experts at MMAWeekly.com to take you deep inside the sport, and present you with some of the newest names to watch.   Name: Eduardo [...]

Bas Talks Shop

I get a lot of letters, so I thought it would be good to let you guys in on the answers to some of the questions I am frequently asked! Hey Bas, Just want to say mate that I loved your self-defense clips on YouTube. Good stuff. Can I ask about you learning submission/ground fighting? [...]

American Top Team

Pessimism is a type of cowardice. It is a way of giving in. Your typical fighter, being by definition a brave and vigorous individual, is also an optimistic one. A great deal of his energy comes from hope. He runs on faith. It might be faith in his physical strength or his conditioning or the [...]

Thrown to the Wolves

These days, there are plenty of places for a professional mixed martial artist to fight, but everyone has their eyes on one prize: the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s the pinnacle of the sport, and without a doubt the biggest show in town. Walk into almost any bar or barbershop and to start a conversation on [...]

MMA Goes Hollywood

If you can make it in Hollywood, you can make it anywhere. If that old adage holds true, then not only has MMA arrived, but it looks like it’s here to stay. Whether it’s Endeavor representing the UFC, Creative Artists signing TapouT, the IFL finding a home at William Morris, or Gersh representing fighters like [...]

Nutrition Periodization

From a training perspective, periodization is defined as a strategy that provides long term performance improvements by varying training specificity, intensity, and volume throughout different cycles during the year. Let me simplify things a bit. Periodization is basically a training plan that changes at regular intervals, based on specific goals. Many athletes follow a periodized [...]

MMA Wagering

It may seem counterintuitive, but the easiest way to become more profitable betting on MMA (in fact in betting on any sport) is actually one of the easiest concepts to understand and to implement. At the same time, it is also one the least-practiced concepts, especially among those new to sports wagering.   I’m talking [...]

Man-Panties VS. Board Shorts

For mixed martial artists, the days of wearing gis and singlets are over. To be recognized as a serious contender, you’d better be wearing one of two things when you step into the cage:   MAN-PANTIES or BOARD SHORTS. Not exactly sure what’s what? Here’s the breakdown:   Man-panties (at least that’s what I call [...]

Bubba Uncensored

BATTLE OF THE 205ers Another season of the UFC’s hit show The Ultimate Fighter is taping, with Quentin “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin as the coaches for the light heavyweight division. Rampage is a very funny character to coach some up and coming fighters. It also will be interesting to see what kind of coach [...]

FIGHT! Across America

For years now, MMA’s biggest events have been found west of the Mississippi. There was a small glimmer of hope when a couple of organizations in the Northeast were featuring more popular fighters, such as Kimbo Slice. But as quickly as they rose, they flamed out ten times faster. So once again, I found myself [...]

MMA > Boxing

Foyd Mayweather shifted beautifully, slipping a picture perfect counter left to the sensitive spot on Ricky Hatton’s jaw line. Just like that, the one major blip on boxing’s radar screen was over. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it until the sport changes my mind on a consistent basis: boxing is dying, [...]

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