December 2012 Quick Hits

Did You Know? : December 2012

Call Us Immediately The new pair of legs in the Octagon at UFC on Fuel TV 6 in Macao, China, was Jessica Cambensy, a Chinese-Filipino-American lingerie model from Chicago. Evan Almighty Once I Was a Champion, a documentary on former UFC champion Evan Tanner, is available on iN Demand pay-per-view on December 28. With footage [...]

They Said That : December 2012

MATCH GAME “I don’t understand what Joe Silva is doing. You know what I’m saying? Joe Silva has a complex. Something’s wrong with him, the guy can’t match shoes. What kind of matchmaker is this guy? What is he thinking? Give me Forrest. Everybody wants that, that will sell. Everybody wants to see me and [...]

Health Radar : December 2012

BULLY GRIP 195: Gray Maynard’s grip strength in pounds per square inch. Poor: <96 Below Average: 97-104 Average: 105-112 Above Average: 113-122 Excellent: >123 * Grip Strength for Men Aged 30-39 MINTY MOJO The smell of peppermint around the holidays may evoke fond childhood memories, but treats aside, peppermint oil has quite the array of [...]

5 Minutes With John Hathaway

You played rugby before starting your MMA career. Did it help prepare you? I don’t think I learned any specific techniques, but I defi nitely learned from the rough and tumble aspect of it, being able to take hits and continue. I think that definitely helped lay some attributes down that helped me in my [...]

Behind the Fight : December 2012

In the world of mixed martial arts, there are few individuals who receive more love than Jacob “Stitch” Duran. From wrapping hands in the locker room to plugging cuts in between rounds, Stitch works his magic to ensure the action inside the cage continues. Over a 25-year career spent in the trenches of combat sports, [...]

Double Action

You know what they say: “Good things come in pairs,” and Cage Warriors FC ring girls Brooke Lynette and Natalie Lawrence are proof positive of that. This beautiful British duo leaves no doubt in the minds of fight fans that two is always better than one. How long have you girls been working for Cage [...]

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