December 2012 Fighting Fit

Work Out the Kinks

Stop the pain train in its tracks. If you train hard, you’ve felt more than just sore muscles the next day—and some of those nagging injuries can take a toll. No worries. You can give your body a fighting chance with a few simple moves that will help you alleviate your minor aches and pains. [...]

Refine your triangle choke with the “Sassanlge”

Along with Ronda Rousey’s armbar and Rousimar Palhares’ heel hook, Paul Sass’ leg triangle is one of the most feared fight finishers in MMA. Of the UFC lightweight’s 12 wins, eight have come via leg triangle. With the help of Team Kaobon teammate Darren Till, Sass shows FIGHT! readers how to get the fight to [...]

Holiday Holdup

Steer clear of these five naughty noshes and give your body a fighting chance this holiday season. Between office parties, family dinners, and gift swaps, December is jam-packed with diet-busting possibilities. While one or two holiday dinners won’t erase all your hard work, the constant stream of festive social events running you ragged through this [...]

Getting Tired is for Losers

General George S. Patton famously warned that “fatigue makes cowards of us all.” It’s a powerful insight, and one that is absolutely relevant in sports. It’s pretty hard to impose your will on someone else when you’re exhausted, or worse, prevent them from imposing their will on you. Let’s take a closer look at conditioning [...]

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