December 2011 Fighting Fit

Get Hip

Developing powerful hip abductors and hip flexors are critical for keeping an opponent from passing your guard. Incorporating a hip circuit into your daily warm-up is the perfect way to strengthen the often overlooked and under-trained muscles of the hip area. Former UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee demonstrates for FIGHT! readers how to “get hip on [...]


Three ways to boost your conditioning this winter. Getting in great shape might not be easy, but there’s more to conditioning than simply training as hard as you can. After all, if it were simply a matter of a little hard work, professional fighters would never gas out. The following three tips will help you [...]

MMA 101

Overhand Right to Double-Leg Trip. To be a successful college wrestler against quality opponents, you have to set up your single-leg and double-leg takedowns with head taps, hand fighting, and superior movement. MMA is no different, except that you get to punch and kick instead of head tap and hand fight. The name of the [...]

Holiday Helpings

Three recipes to help you enjoy the holiday goodness, guilt free. Training is all about making adjustments. The same is true when it comes to your diet. Don’t fall in the holiday food trap this season and stuff your face with a bunch of fat-loaded and calorie-laden dishes. By making a few simple adjustments to [...]

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