December 2010

Inside America’s Gyms

When Miletich Fighting Systems opened its doors in 1997, Bettendorf, Iowa, quickly became THE PLACE for mixed martial artists to train. On any given day, you could find as many top-level athletes working out at MFS as you would playmates at Hugh Hefner’s birthday parties. In fact, at one point, three of the five UFC [...]

5 Minutes With Evan Dunham

What did you want to be when you were little?   I always wanted to be a professional athlete. I knew that I couldn’t play basketball, and I was too small for football, but I always wanted to do something with sports. I really lucked out that MMA took off. I always knew in the [...]

Walk This Way

Readers who’ve seen FIGHT! contributor and Strikeforce middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller enter an arena may find themselves confused by how half-dressed women, blaring music, and exploding pyrotechnics can help you prepare for a fight. These and other brazen expressions of self-aggrandizement might irk the Matt Hughes fan, but Miller is simply offering the newest version [...]

8 Days of Giving

If you thought December was the month of giving, you thought right. Here are 16 fighters who would like to give out a very special ass beating this holiday season.   1. GEORGES ST-PIERRE VS. JOSH KOSCHECK 2UFC 124: Dec. 11   Canada vs. America. Civility vs. Surliness. Abs vs. Hair. However you want to [...]

UFC Golden Boys

Five years ago, the UFC was bleeding money to the tune of $44 million in the red. Now, according to Dana White, the UFC is worth $2.5 billion. How did this happen? Lots of reasons, including a little show on Spike TV. However, these 10 fighters in particular are helping matters by keeping fans intrigued [...]

Miracle Mile

In January 2004, Priscilla Belfort, the younger sister of MMA Superstar Vitor Belfort, went missing in Brazil. For three years following her disappearance, the family led a frantic nationwide hunt for the missing girl. In August 2007, a woman named Helaine Paive Da Silva confessed the following to Rio Police: She said that she and [...]

2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Boyz In The Hoodies  1. Silver Star: Measure Wear it if: You are looking to cut a little weight before the big tournament. Most likely seen on a high school wrestler. $   2.TapouT: Corruption Wear it if: You want to look good while shoveling the driveway this winter. Most likely seen on a working [...]

Mayhem In Rio

Marcelo Alonso. Those are the only words that you need to know in Brazil. Well, those two words and the word “porra.” The first two are the name of the most connected and well respected MMA journalist in Brazil, and the other is the equivalent of “f*ck.”   I wake up in the familiar, groggy [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

It’s Showtime

While most guys his age are still finding themselves, WEC lightweight Anthony Pettis knows exactly who he is. The 23-year-old Milwaukee native takes on Ben Henderson at WEC 53 on Dec. 16 for the WEC Lightweight Championship. For the guy known as “Showtime,” it is exactly that.   Sitting in a black leather lounge chair [...]

Story Time with Forrest

Back when I was 23 or 24 years old, I competed in an MMA event in Orlando, Florida. A few hours before the show started, I was in a locker room with a middle-aged karate champion and his son. Although I don’t know the son’s name, I am pretty sure it was Daniel or some [...]

MMA Magic

Parties at the Mansion fall into two categories: official Playboy events, like the annual, infamous,and celeb-laden Mid summers Night’s Dream Party hosted by the company’s icon founder Hugh Hefner, and third-party affairs, when a promoter or organization pays a fee for use of the grounds. Tonight’s festivities—Playboy Energy Fight Night—is the latter. But that doesn’t [...]

Respecting The Game

Several music artists are avid fans of MMA, but only a select few have the distinction of hitting the road and representing MMA’s most popular magazine on the festival circuit. After The Burial is amongst the select few.   The hardcore metal quintet is about to embark on The December Decimation Tour, the year’s hard [...]

A Year To Remember

One of the great things about MMA is that, as the sport evolves, it becomes more and more exciting. Moves become more advanced, and the athleticism of the fighters grows immensely year by year. As a result, we have no shortage of exciting moments over the course of the year, and 2010 has been no [...]

Knee-Deep In Pain

One of the most common injuries to MMA athletes involves the knee joint. Whether it’s a fracture, sprain, or ligament or tendon tear, knee injuries can be devastating to mixed martial artists.   The knee area is composed of three main bones: the femur, the tibia, and the patella. The femur—or long bone of the [...]

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