December 2009 Fighting Fit

The Carb Advantage

It’s unfortunate that the “C” word has become nearly as infamous as “trans fat” among athletes. Carb-phobia is one of the chief concerns that I tackle most often when I meet with new clients. My elite and competitive MMA athletes are particularly carb conscious since they must struggle with keeping close to their desired weight [...]

3 Mistakes A Fighter Makes

Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. MMA is a relatively new sport where its coaches have borrowed training strategies from many other areas: karate, boxing, jiujitsu, and wrestling, just to name a few. But MMA is not like any one sport. It requires a unique training [...]


Superfoods for an MMA fighter prolong endurance and work capacity, help with muscle recovery and growth, and help prevent injury, which ultimately helps in and out of the cage. Here are 10 essential foods you need to add to your diet to help with your fight preparation. 1. WHEY PROTEIN – Naturally found in milk, [...]

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