December 2009 Features

The Empty Hand

Judo can be directly attributed to Jigoro Kano. Sambo was the work of Vasili Oshchepkov and Viktor Spiridonov. Karate is not so lucky. It’s a nebulous maze of styles that lacks a clear path back to a single man or even to a group of men, its lineage traceable only as far back as the [...]

Great Expectations

You could drive for hours up and down Route 41 in upstate New York looking for the BombSquad gym. Unless you already know where it is, however, chances are you won’t find it. Google Maps directs you to an empty field. Signs along the two-lane highway warn you to watch out for tractors. The smell [...]

Smoking Gun

Spending the holidays as a soldier overseas is never easy, but it helps to know there are some sweethearts at home that have your back. Armed with looks that kill, the 24-year-old Kandiss Lewis is ready to take the acting and modeling world by force — if necessary. So Kandiss, rumor has it you just [...]

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