December 2008 Features

Homegrown Hardcore

Athens, Georgia, is a college town if there ever was one. Home to the University of Georgia, Athens knows three things: good football, hot women, and fun bars. The HardCore Gym has been slowly adding a fourth: MMA. The gym itself is nothing spectacular—3000 square feet of mats, punching bags, and kettle bells in a [...]

The Abyss Stares Back

Frank Mir had an accident. Everyone knows about it; it’s old hat. When I ask Frank about it, I can see his eyes roll back in his head with boredom. “Another idiot with a pencil,” I can hear him think. He knows he has to talk about it. It’s an integral part of his story, [...]

Diamond In The Rough

For most working young models, a spokesmodel gig with RawVegas, MMAFix. com or Spike TV would be a dream come true, but for a seasoned pro like Andrea Tiede it’s just another day in the offi ce. This month we visit sin city to get a glimpse at this rare…Diamond In The Rough So Andrea, [...]

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