Dec/Jan 2008 Features

Frank Mir Rides Again

FULLY HEALED FROM A LIFE-THREATENING MOTORCYCLE CRASH, THE FORMER CHAMP FOCUSES ON RISING TO THE TOP – AGAIN Frank Mir remembers it all: the adrenaline that ran through him at the impending danger, every detail in the road, and every feeling that shot through his body as it crashed to the Las Vegas pavement just [...]


The quick, rhythmic pop, pop, pop of punches hitting mitts echoes through Pat Miletich’s training center in Bettendorf, Iowa. UFC fighting legend and master trainer Pat Miletich is working the pads with one of his students. Pat begins to mix it up, circling, trying to get the guy used to movement. The old fighter’s physical [...]

Urijah Faber: Why the California Kid is Ready to Blow Up

If you don’t know who Urijah Faber is, you will soon enough. That’s a promise. In the meantime, log on to YouTube and start watching some clips of the World Extreme CageFighting 145 lb. champ. If you’re not a diehard Faber fan after, say, thirty seconds, then you should probably give up watching mixed martial [...]

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