Dec/Jan 2008 Did You Know

MMA Rocks

Alex Varkatzas, lead singer of the metal band Atreyu, is a slender man, but his voice fi lls arenas. On May 27, 2006, it fi lled the Staples Center in Los Angeles before the main event of Ultimate Fighting Championship 60: Hughes vs. Gracie. Varkatzas says one of the coolest moments of his life was [...]

Bubba Uncensored

FEDOR GOES GLOBAL Fedor Emelianenko, thought by many to be the best fighter in the world, is also the first fighter to sign with M-1 Global. The new organization is owned by Sibling Sports, a division of Sibling Entertainment Group Holdings. The formerly Russia-based organization is headed by Monte Cox, a longtime MMA agent. It [...]

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Three X-rays and an MRI later, my training had officially ended – for the time being, anyway. The worst part of that equation: it had hardly even started. FUCK! My plan was to amass a small arsenal of fighting techniques by training with numerous instructors, each schooled in a different style. Obviously, it would prove [...]

MMA Wagering 303

In my last two articles, I covered building a foundation for understanding betting on MMA fights. This article builds on that foundation, so if you missed the first two issues of FIGHT!, get your hands on a back issue. You can also find this information archived online in the “MMA Wagering Guide” on MMAjunkie. com. [...]

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