August 2013 Quick Hits

Did You Know? – Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA

Say It! Say It! Say Matté! UFC on Fuel TV 10 set the record for submission finishes for a single UFC event. Eight submissions occurred on the card, topping the previous total of six that was held by three events. Bigfoot Facts In two fights against Cain Velasquez, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva landed a total of [...]

They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Full of Garbage “Anybody who accepts that [UFC fighters are overpaid] as a reality of the sport is sad and pathetic. I hope this isn’t the reality of the sport. If it is, I should probably go do something else, like empty trash cans. I’d make more money than I do now.” —Tim Kennedy on [...]

5 Minutes With Alexander Gustafsson

Photo by Justin Trapp Courtesy of Bad Boy You’re known for succinct answers. Can we expect the same today? Yes [laughing]. You have the biggest fight of your career coming up against Jon Jones at UFC 165 on September 21. It wasn’t clear you were going to get the next title shot after beating Shogun [...]

Kenda Perez – Too Hot to Handle

It’s been exactly two years since Kenda Perez graced the pages of FIGHT!, and believe us when we tell you, she missed us. Sure, we’ve been celebrating Kenda Perez Day on our own, but we had to check in to see how the Maxim “Hot 100” was doing as the host of The Best of [...]

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