August 2013

Editor’s Letter

He asked us to make him look mean, but there’s no escaping the fact that Chad Mendes is one of the nicest guys we’ve had the pleasure of putting on our cover. It’s easy to observe too. You can see it in the way he interacts with his fans, his comrades at Ultimate Fitness, and [...]

Chad “Money” Mendes

Chad Mendes’ combat sports career is nearly perfect, both on the wrestling mats and in the Octagon. Most athletes could only dream of accomplishing what he’s done, but it’s not enough. Twice, greatness has slipped through his fingers. He swears it will never happen again. It’s as if I had to take a blood oath [...]

Did You Know? – Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA

Say It! Say It! Say Matté! UFC on Fuel TV 10 set the record for submission finishes for a single UFC event. Eight submissions occurred on the card, topping the previous total of six that was held by three events. Bigfoot Facts In two fights against Cain Velasquez, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva landed a total of [...]

They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Full of Garbage “Anybody who accepts that [UFC fighters are overpaid] as a reality of the sport is sad and pathetic. I hope this isn’t the reality of the sport. If it is, I should probably go do something else, like empty trash cans. I’d make more money than I do now.” —Tim Kennedy on [...]

5 Minutes With Alexander Gustafsson

Photo by Justin Trapp Courtesy of Bad Boy You’re known for succinct answers. Can we expect the same today? Yes [laughing]. You have the biggest fight of your career coming up against Jon Jones at UFC 165 on September 21. It wasn’t clear you were going to get the next title shot after beating Shogun [...]

Kenda Perez – Too Hot to Handle

It’s been exactly two years since Kenda Perez graced the pages of FIGHT!, and believe us when we tell you, she missed us. Sure, we’ve been celebrating Kenda Perez Day on our own, but we had to check in to see how the Maxim “Hot 100” was doing as the host of The Best of [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Chris Weidman – Eve of Destruction

The night before Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Title, Ray Longo saw things unfolding before his eyes. Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS Heavyweight great Floyd Patterson wouldn’t have sex during his training camps before fights, because he believed it weakened the knees. This is a proud fight game deprivation that has been [...]

There Can Only Be – ONE FC

ONE FC is the largest MMA organization in Asia and often draws comparisons to the much beloved PRIDE events—but what is ONE FC really? Launched just two years ago on July 14, 2011, ONE Fighting Championship is now the most widely recognized MMA promotion in Asia and is gaining global steam. Holding sold-out events in [...]

MMA 101 – The BANG Muay Thai System

As the new striking coach for Team Alpha Male, former UFC fighter Duane “Bang” Ludwig has come out of the gate firing. Three of his Team Alpha Male fighters (Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendes, and TJ Dillashaw) earned knockouts on the UFC on Fox 7 card, while Urijah Faber’s crisp striking helped him earn a submission [...]

12 Months in a Hot Room

UFC middleweight Dan Hardy uses yoga to take his training to an enlightened level. Just over a year ago, I began a steady and consistent practice of Bikram yoga. The 90-minute beginning class consists of 26 postures, each performed twice and held for up to 60 seconds. The room is a stifling 105 degrees, with [...]

Sleep It Off

Catching your zzz’s is crucial to your health and athletic performance, but how seriously are you taking your sleep regimen? You eat healthfully, train with the best, stay up-to-date on the newest workouts, and search out the latest and greatest supplements. You can most likely get away with a few hours less sleep every once [...]

Oil Wars – The Misunderstood World of Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish oil wrestlers are supposed to have triangular backs, somewhat-fleshy midsections, and bulging biceps. Ali Gurbuz has 10 percent body fat, stands 6-feet-5-inches tall, and has comparatively thin arms. In terms of tradition, the two-time Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Champion should have the physique of Dan Henderson. Instead, he looks more like an olive-skinned Alexander Gustafsson. [...]

Girl Next Door

Courtney Piercy Age: 23 Height: 5’5” Hometown: Perth, Australia Facebook: Courtney Piercy – Model Instagram: Courtney_Piercy What is your favorite thing about MMA? The variety of styles combined into one. I love that there is so much skill in MMA and no limits, so every fight is different and exciting! Who is your favorite fighter? Definitely [...]

Last Call – Welcome to Lamestream MMA

One of the negative by-products of MMA becoming a part of the mainstream consciousness in this UFC on Fox era is the sheer amount of stupidity coming from some pundits and journalists who find themselves having to cover a sport they don’t understand…and don’t try to. The aftermath of the shocking UFC 162 main event [...]

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