August 2012 Quick Hits

Health Radar

WE’RE NOT DOCTORS, WE JUST PLAY ONE ON TV. SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF Suspension straps allow the use of your body weight to develop strength, power, endurance, balance, flexibility, and core stability. By suspending and shifting your bodyweight against gravity, you can create resistance that allows you to build muscle during multiple exercises, including pushups, pull-ups, [...]

5 Minutes With Chris Weidman

You’re coming off a big TKO of Mark Munoz. How’s life been since the fight? I went out to Long Island a few days after I got home to celebrate with friends, and it all kinda struck me just how crazy everything has gotten. I’ve been coming to these clubs my whole life and nobody [...]

Lights, Camera, Action !

You may know her from her time at, but Megan Olivi has since moved on to covering your favorite fighters for the UFC and FOX. From the Jersey Shore to the Las Vegas desert, this pintsized bundle of energy always delivers big. What’s up Megan? Most of our readers know you from your time [...]

They Said That

VERBAL JAMBALAYA NO BONES ABOUT IT “It’s not that he [Anderson Silva] won’t fight me or I won’t fight him. To be dead honest, it’s that we both have a lot to lose, and we both respect each other a lot, and we both are striving for personal greatness. I don’t want to crack on [...]

Behind The Fight

Being the third man the cage is a thankless job. To do well…is to go unnoticed. When fighters struggle for victory and survival, refs must objectively ensure the contest’s integrity while prioritizing participants’ safety. Ref Josh Rosenthal shares with FIGHT! what it takes to be a mediator in MMA’s artful mayhem and the joys of [...]

Did You Know?

COOL KNOWLEDGE FROM THE WORLD OF MMA EXCESS BAGGAGE Although he purchased three seats on the airplane, UFC 3 veteran Emmanuel Yarborough (6’7”, 700 lbs.) was banned from a Delta flight from Newark, NJ, to Italy. I RAN (SO FAR AWAY) In the UFC on FX 4 main event between Gray Maynard and Clay Guida, [...]

New Gear

YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON HAPPINESS 1. Nexersys Nexersys looks different from any training equipment you’ve ever seen, and using High Intensity Interval Cross Training (HIIT), soon your body will look dramatically different, too. Nexersys provides a totally new personal training experience, transforming your body into a lean, mean, fighing maching. With an [...]

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