August 2011 Features

Gray Maynard: Old School Bullying

Gray Maynard is a throwback to the wrestlers of old, which is to say, an unforgiving, down-to-earth roughneck who will not be pushed around… in other words, a freaking Bully. Gray Maynard weighed 10 pounds, 11 ounces at birth. It was mostly head. This has been a sore point of contention for his mother, and, [...]

Back To Brazil

The UFC Returns to its Roots Above: The man credited with bringing Jiu Jitsu to Brazil, Jigoro Kano. Below: A newspaper article promoting a contest between Helio Gracie and Masahiko Kimura. With the exception of the United States, no country has more professional fighters in the top ranks of MMA than Brazil. When you compare [...]

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