August 2010 Quick Hits

5 Minutes With Tim Kennedy

So, I hear you can curve a bullet. That’s got to be cool.   I think every Special Forces sniper can do it. It’s not like the biggest trick in the world.Environmental forces affect how the bullet moves, whether it’s the temperature or the wind speed. The Coriolis force—the force of the Earth’s rotation—actually affects [...]

Fall of the Emperor

This, like many of Fedor Emelianenko’s aphorisms, could have just as easily come out of a fortune cookie as out of the mouth of the man who has for the last several years been considered the world’s top heavyweight.   The fact that the Russian MMA legend was uttering these cryptic words just moments after [...]

Calgary Flame

Mixed martial artist Leah Melnychuk is a competitor in the gym, at the dinner table, and on gaming consoles. Challenge her, and Canada’s finest export might just leave you burned.   Let’s start from the beginning. How did you get involved in MMA?   I watched my very first MMA fights on TV, and I [...]

Hollywood’s Full-Time Fighter

So you want to be a full-time fighter? Well, don’t go quitting your day job just yet. For every successful fighter who gave up everything to train, there are 100 average joes who have not been so successful. Now, the joes are broke, possibly missing teeth, and relegated to spinning those “Cash for Gold” signs [...]

Fantastic Four

4. SCOTT HOWARD  TEEN WOLF     The ability to “wolf out” made nerdy Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) a basketball star with increased strength, speed,and jumping abilities. Those skills would transition nicely to the Octagon. Teen Wolf might even be able to give Rampage’s howl a run for its money.   3. DARTH VADERSTAR [...]

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