August 2010 Features

Command Performance

ZAYED’S DREAM   Highway E 11 cuts 79 miles through the great Rub’ al Khali desert between the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. FIGHT! Staff Photographer Paul Thatcher is piloting a tiny blue rental car as we speed down the busiest highway in the Arab world on the way to Dubai. We’re in the [...]

The Finisher

The Trident Bookstore and Café is just how it sounds – a sleepy, pseudo hippie hangout on the west side of Boston set in an old Brownstone with several floors of reading material and acoustic tunes to enhance your reading experience. Surprisingly Kenny Florian avoids the decadent Cape Codder sandwich and orders a mandarin orange [...]

Hall of Fame 2010

Major League Baseball has Cooperstown. The National Football League has Canton. MMA has FIGHT! Magazine. Ok, ok, so we’re not quite as prestigious as Cooperstown, but great mixed martial artists needed a place where they could be lauded with the recognition they deserve, appreciated by fans around the world, and honored for their accomplishments…and that’s [...]

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