August 2009 Quick Hits

Made Of Iron

Hatsu Hioki’s mat destruction of American Top Team’s Chris Manuel in Sengoku’s Featherweight grand prix was vintage Hioki as much as it was an emphatic statement: Leg trip, mount, and bring the pain. Armbar to topside triangle choke, bear down on opponent with all 143 pounds while constricting blood to the brain. And since he [...]


When the Gracie family ditched a traditional ring for a Hollywood-style arena dubbed “The Octagon” in 1993, a revolution called K-1 occurred. Kazuyoshi Ishii’s involvement in full-contact karate shifted from katas to killer instinct when he organized K-1’s first card for a sellout crowd of 10,000 in Japan in 1993. K-1 takes its name from [...]

The Science Of Submissions

Years ago, when Ricardo Almeida was a teenager just starting out in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under one of its originators, Carlos Gracie, he received a memorable lesson. The sage Gracie, who was already 90 years old, began speaking about past experiences in grappling with Japanese fighters. Then, he doled out his advice. “Always look for chokes [...]

Summer Heat

What are you doing in the month of August? If you’re like me (which you should never admit), you probably don’t even know what you’re doing tomorrow. However, if you’re a normal person, you have plans and appointments. Well, cancel them. Just when you think months can’t get any more stacked, August comes around and [...]

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